Technical Support

If you have trouble installing, running or using MultiMouse, there are several options available:

  1. Use the latest software version. MultiMouse is constantly evolving. Problems are fixed and new features are implemented.
  2. Carefully read the manual.
  3. Browse the support forum to find solutions or post a support enquiry if you do not find an answer for your problem. Please read the forum disclaimer before posting as we require certain technical information to handle your request.

Enter the support forum

Why using a support forum?

  • Provided solutions can be shared with the user community and you get instant answers for questions already answered.
  • A forum offers transparent communication. You can easily verify our quick response time and quality of support.
  • Our developers are spread across different locations. Email forwarding would bear the risk of losing threads.
  • We do not know everything - Enthusiastic users can step in and share their knowledge.
  • The efficiency of not having to answer the same questions to individual users over and over again via email allows us to keep MultiMouse free-of-charge for personal users and inexpensive for Pro users.