Information about networking

MultiMouse requires a local network connection between all computers in order to transmit the mouse cursor movements and keyboard to the presentation PC.

What is a LAN connection?

A LAN ('local area network') is the most popular data link between personal computers. In most cases LAN's are established by ethernet cables.

Ethernet Cable connector

Example of an Ethernet cable connector

How do I connect my PCs?

Crossover cableMultiMouse works with any type of network which supports the TCP/IP protocol (Ethernet, Wireless LAN).

As only few data is transmitted, bandwidth and speed of the network is not critical. MultiMouse works fine with even slow 11 MBit/s Wireless LAN.

What, if my network adapter is already occupied by another connection?

Network HubSimilar to a power strip you may use a network hub which allows the connection of multiple PCs within a network. You additionally need patch cables (crossover cables look identical but have a different pin arrangement) to connect the PCs to the network hub.

Why does MultiMouse need a network connection?

MultiMouse uses a network connection to send the mouse cursor positions and keyboard input of the user PCs to the central presentation computer.

Please note, that MultiMouse is designed for setups where the computers are sitting directly next to each other, thus it may not work over an internet connection. An internet connection is required for use of MultiMouse. You only need an internet connection temporarily for the short time of license key activation.

Will MultiMouse slow down my network?

MultiMouse only transfers updates of any remote mouse cursor position, consisting of the short user name, XY-coordinates, keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.

You will certainly not recognize any significant network slow down during use of MultiMouse.

Does MultiMouse work over the internet or via VPN networks?

MultiMouse does not work over the internet as it is designed for multiple PCs which are located in one place for collaboration such as a conference room. Local VPN networks may work but due to complexity of VPN configurations, we cannot provide technical support.

Additional information about networking