Download MultiMouse

Click the button below to download the Windows installation file that contains the Sender and Receiver:

Download MultiMouse Installer

Download for use on USB sticks

Below downloads contain the program files in a Zip file:

Download MultiMouse Sender USB

Download MultiMouse Receiver USB

Extract the contents of the ZIP file into any folder of your USB memory device and run it from there. There is no special installation required.

System Requirements

  • MultiMouse should work fine on any combination of Laptops, Netbooks, Desktop or Tablet PCs running any mix of Microsoft Windows 7.
  • All computers must be network connected (more information).
  • The installation requires approximately 3 MB hard-disk space.


  • MultiMouse requires two or more computers. There is no use for MultiMouse with a single computer.
  • MultiMouse version is currently limited to a maximum of 50 mouse cursors.