Custom development

We carefully listen to our customer's feature suggestions and implement many new features with every new version.

We receive quite a lot of interesting ideas and feature requests by our users and would love to make you all happy. However, while a particular feature may be very important for your individual application we unfortunately cannot implement any possible feature into the mainstream program.

If you think that a certain feature could be implemented in a couple of hours, please keep in mind that any code change causes much subsequent work:

  • General testing in different environments
  • Compatibility tests with previous versions
  • Reviewing and extending online/offline documentation in multiple languages
  • Making screenshots in multiple languages
  • Updating video tutorials in multiple languages
  • Reseller and Support staff training on the new features

This is why we have to carefully balance all user input and have to decide a certain feature set for each program version.

In addition to the mainstream standard product we offer extended customization services starting at US$ 2000.- if your require a specific function for MultiMouse.

Please contact us for a custom quote.