Applications for multiple pointers

Meeting rooms

In a meeting- or classroom scenario, users can brainstorm collectively on a common document or spreadsheet which is displayed by a projector connected to the central PC.

Instead of pointing with their finger on any item of interest, meeting participants can work directly on a diagram or document with the input devices of their own computers.

Participants can also enter text from their own computer keyboards. This allows multiple users to edit a common document without the need to leave their place.

Computer Class Room

Students can drag the mouse pointer out of their ClassMate PCs’s desktop, that intuitively appear on the common desktop, such as an interactive WhiteBoard.

Students can also edit text in a team as keyboard input can be transmitted from all ClassMate PCs to the Smartboard.

The teacher can invite individual students for collaboration with the included Cursor Manager. In such case, the student’s computer screen is dimmed to allow concentration on the shared desktop. The teacher can also temporarily block interferers.

The student's mouse cursor positions are transmitted via any Wireless or Ethernet connection. MultiMouse works system-wide and is compatible with any learning software or Windows program.

Control rooms

Multiple operators in a control room can manage a central computer remotely from their workplace.

Workplace collaboration

A team of programmers can simultaneously work on a code project without the hassle of moving keyboards and mouse devices back and forth.