Our Mission

We love MultiMouse. We use it ourselves whenever we collaborate on a software project. It is our passion and our team is really dedicated to it. Our ambitious motivation is to make the most versatile collaboration utility available.

Software should be easy-to-use, resource friendly and its features must fit together in an intelligent manner.

If you miss anything in MultiMouse, we carefully listen and are eager to hear your feedback.

Company Milestones

1997 - Market introduction of Virtual CD, the first CD Emulator technology world-wide.

1998 - Virtual CD receives ZiffDavis Software Innovation Of The Year-Award.

2001 - More than 2 Million copies sold - Innovation leader since its first release.

2002 - Release of PhraseExpress, an award-winning text phrase utility.

2003 - Release of DeskCalc (German only), the first professional tape calculator program for Windows.

2004 - Release of MaxiVista, the first of its kind Dual Monitor software solution.

2005 - MaxiVista receives PC Pro Software Innovation Of The Year - Finalist Award.

July 2006 - MaxiVista has been nominated as the "Best Desktop Software" by the Software Industry Association.

April 2008 - PhraseExpress won the Innovation Award 2008.

May 2010 - Release of MultiMouse, the first of its kind network-based multiple cursors solution.


GlobalSign Certificate

The MultiMouse code and our emails are signed/certified by GlobalSign, a leading certificate trustee.

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